Welcome to the Skate Deck

Great Fun for the Whole family!

Come visit us in our clean and safe family environment. We offer a wide variety of skating for novices and experts alike. Enjoy sliding & bouncing on our giant inflatable toys. Quench your thirst or grab a snack at our concession stand. Buy a souvenir or satisfy your sweet tooth in our “Stuff Shop”. Try your skills in our game arcade.

If a birthday or other special event is in the making, check out our party packages. If you have large group and would like to consider a private session, give us a call.





Sorry...outside food and drink are not allowed in the building (with the exception of cake or cupcakes with a party package booking)

Everett Speed Skate 
			ey Jet City Roller Girls Everett Eagles Artistic Skating Skate Deck is a BBB Accredited Skating Rink in Everett, WA
Everett Speed Team Puget Sound Inline Hockey League Jet City Roller Girls Everett Eagles Artistic Skating

Coming Events




  1:00pm-5:00pm    $7.00

  7:30pm-11:00pm  $8.00 



1st Wednesday of each of month

  11:00am -1:00pm  $5.00



 MONDAY hockey  call for info

 TUESDAY  available for private rental

WEDNESDAY     6:30-8:30  $6.00

THURSDAY  available for private rental

 FRIDAY   7:30-11:00  $8.00

 SATURDAY   12:30-4:30  $7.00

  7:30-10:30  $7.00

 SUNDAY            12:30-4:30  $7.00

                           6:45-8:45 hockey



SATURDAYS FROM 11:00am-12:00